What type of software can i protect?

You can license any type of digital products from mobile to desktop and web applications that can communicate and read from a simple POST or GET REQUEST to our servers.

Is there a contract ?

No contracts, you can order as many packs as you need and cancel at any time.

And more, if you keep active at least one subscription pack, we keep all your licenses active so you can continue to work and your clients won’t get suspended. (**)

In case you cancel all your subscription packs, all your products and licenses will stay active for another 30 days (***)

** the current active subscription must cover at least 50% of the active producs and licenses on your account.

*** after the 30 days grace period you can contact us to purchase a “keep-alive pack” to extend your products and licenses availability

How reliable are UBotter services ?

Among many performance and security tweaks in our platform, UBotter services run in a high-end OVH dedicated server with Premium DNS(EC) behind a CloudFlare Business Firewall and a 256bit SSL Certificate from Comodo.

In short, unless OVH or CloudFlare services are shut-down, we GUARANTEE 100% up-time from our side!

How secure is my account ?

Your account is always re-encrypted with SHA 512 Random Key, YES a random key is assigned to your account every time you login and logout so NO ONE, LITERALLY, will ever know your password. NOT even us know you password and ONLY YOU can login to your account.

To make things even more secure we took paranoia into consideration so every time you login, not only that your password is encrypted with a new random key but also your session is locked to your computer and IP address so that all attempts to steal your data will be lost time for anyone trying to do so.

How secure is the licensing system ?

You have full control over all licensing parameters for all your digital products, and more, all communications to and from our servers are encrypted with a 256bit SSL certificate.

What is a - Product ?

We refer to “product“, as any type of software application from mobile, to desktop and web applications, or, any other type of digital product that you can sell and license through our service.

A “product” can also be an eBook, video, audio or any digital product that you can promote using UBotter Labs ProductsBundle Packs and Giveaway campaigns.

You can create a campaign and sell one software Product or Bundle Pack in all available marketplaces at the same time.

What is a - Bundle Pack ?

A “bundle pack” can be created by minimum 2software” products that you have active in your account, in combination with other external affiliate products of your own, and can be promoted and sold as a singe digital product.

You can create a campaign and sell one bundle pack in all available marketplaces at the same time.

What is a - Giveaway or Raffle ?

A “giveaway” or “raffle” campaign can be create using one active “product” or “bundle pack” that you have on your account, and can be used to promote any type of products, including external affiliate products.

Giveaways and Raffle campaigns can be:

  • public: your product or bundle pack will be visible and available to all UBotter Labs visitors
  • private: your product will not be visible for the public on the UBotter Labs but anyone who has your coupon or private campaign link can access and signup to your campaign

Public and Private campaigns can be:

  • limited: you can set a fixed number of licenses that can be available
  • timed: you can set a fixed time for your visitors to signup or their activation will expire

Also, all campaigns can be locked with a social locker, that activates before the signup process so that you can promote your websites and receive:

  • likes or shares on Facebook
  • tweets or followers on Twitter
  • +1’s or shares on Google
  • shares on LinkedIn
What is a - License ?

A “license” is special unique and secret key that is automatically generated and sent to your clients every time one software product or bundle pack is sold.

License keys are also automatically generated every time someone signs up and confirms to one of your giveaway campaign and can also be created manually by you.